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Hi all! Otome is growing in the West, and I’ve wanted to put a little guide together on what’s been officially announced for localisation, who’s publishing it, when you can get it and why I’m excited for each of these titles. I’m pretty much a sucker for anything Otome at this point, and if they get released physically in the UK? You can bet I’m pre-ordering ASAP! I might backfill on some Nintendo Switch Otome games, just for the sake of having the info in one place, too. You can find “out now” titles towards the bottom of the page.

It’s not a huge guide right now*, but it’ll be a living document I update when I can.

Updated as of 8th July, 2024 (Newest additions: BUSTAFELLOWS 2/7'scarlet/Utakata no Uchronia/Mistonia/Temirana/Battlefield Waltz)

*23rd April 2023: it’s actually kinda big now

Hanaemu Kare to & bloom — 8th August 2024

An Otome game with an actual release date? Oh my. Hanaemu Kare to & bloom is based on a drama CD series, which of course isn’t available in English, but it’ll feature four heroines with their own love interest. Everybody gets to go home happy then, eh?

Hanaemu Kare to & bloom is being published for Nintendo Switch, by MintLip, on 8th August.

9 R.I.P. — 2024

When a stressed and anxious non-believer hears a rumour about being spirited away, she never assumes it’ll happen to her… until it does. Maybe this experience will be able to help Misa to prepare for the future?

9 R.I.P. is being published for Nintendo Switch, by Idea Factory, in 2024.

Hakuoki: Chronicles of Wind and Blossom— 2024

Hakuoki is finally coming to Switch? I’m surprised, gobsmacked even, that it’s taken this long, but now we’re getting a compilation of both Kyoto Winds and Edo Blossoms — the perfect place place to begin your Hakuoki journey. This remastered collection has localisation improvements based on fanbase feedback, so that’s ace, too.

Hakuoki: Chronicles of Wind and Blossom is being published for Nintendo Switch, by East Asia Soft, in 2024.

Hope it gets a physical release wider than just with Play Asia, though…

Virche Evermore: EpiC:lycoris — Autumn/Fall 2024

More Virche Evermore content? Don’t mind if I do. Five new tales await Ceres and her five love interests, and hopefully it won’t be quite as heartwrenching.

Virche Evermore: EpiC:Lycoris is being published for Nintendo Switch, by Aksys Games, in 2024.

Genso Manège — 2024

You had me at romanticised France, baby. Emma, an orphan and a witch, searches for her lost memories and her lost magical powers when she becomes entangled with a travelling amusement park. The employees are trapped and forced to entertain, and only Emma’s magic can free them, if she can get it back.

Genso Manège is being published for Nintendo Switch and Steam, by PQube, in 2024.

Celestia: Chain of Fate — 2024

With the revelation of your hybrid identity of both a Daemon and Angelus, your cushy life as the daughter of a Duke is over. Thrust to learn more about magic, demons, and angels, you attend a prestigious school away from the comforts of your home. It sounds like you’ll balance studies and love in this one, even though there are only three bachelors!

Celestia: Chain of Fate is being published for Nintendo Switch and Steam, by PQube, in 2024.

Volontés — 2024

There’s not too much known about this one yet, but it’s coming to Kickstarter soon, similarly to successfully backed and release Otome game Yukar from the Abyss. It’s promised to be a magical dark fantasy and suspense tale, and there’s a good chance I’ll back it.

Volontés is being published for Nintendo Switch, by LocaGames, in 2024.

Meiji Tokyo Renka — 2024

Ayazuki Mei, an ordinary high school student, is here to tell you all about what happens when you meet a self-proclaimed illusionist on the night of the red moon. This encounter leads to her being taken back in time to the Meiji era, where she meets a slew of historic suitors. Will she make it back home? It won’t be long to find out.

Meiji Tokyo Renka is being published for Nintendo Switch, by HuneX and Dramatic Create, in 2024.

7'scarlet — Spring 2025

7'scarlet is finally being freed from it’s PlayStation Vita shackles. Okay, it’s been on Steam for a long time too, but now it’ll be on a system I play on. This one’s a mystery where you play as student Ichiko Hanamaki, who visits Okunezato, a town where her brother suddenly disappeared.

7'scarlet is being published for Nintendo Switch, by Aksys Games, in Spring 2025.

DesperaDrops — 2025

Otome, Italy, and criminals… a jumble of things that Otome devs seem to really enjoy, and DesperaDrops is one I know fans have been wanting for a long time. Set in 2028, Mika Amamine is studying abroad in Italy when she gets wrapped up in a murder incident that leads to her arrest. She’s rescued on her way to be detained by six other criminals, leading them all to become fugitives as they aim for the answers to their freedom.

Mika has some unexplained powers too, of course, that groups are after.

DesperaDrops is being published for Nintendo Switch, by Aksys Games, in 2025.

BUSTAFELLOWS Season 2–2025

BUSTAFELLOWS is one of my favourites, and I was hoping PQube would pick up the sequel too. I’m so excited to see all of the cast return, alongside a bunch of new characters, to see where their journeys together take them next. If you haven’t played the first game, you can pick it up on Switch and Steam.

BUSTAFELLOWS Season 2 is being published by PQube, for Nintendo Switch and Steam, in 2025.

Mistonia no Kibou — The Lost Delight — — 2025

The English title is TBC, so Mistonia it is for now. Taking place in the faerie kingdom of Grand Alvion, you play as a maid named Applause, who has just been hired to serve a prestigious household. She has vowed to take revenge for an incident which stole everything she loved, and her target might be in this very mansion… perhaps the faerie queen herself? I’ve no idea, but I love the art for this one.

Mistonia no Kibou — The Lost Delight — is being published for Nintendo Switch, by Aksys Games, in 2025.

Utakata no Uchronia — 2025

In the prosperous flying city Itehari, our heroine Hinagiku is an 18 year old noble who yearns to see what lies beyond home. When she meets Yashiro, who has amnesia, the pair are propelled into a series of events that’ll uncover the hidden truths of the city.

Utakata no Uchronia is being published for Nintendo Switch, by Aksys Games, in 2025.

Battlefield Waltz — 2025

Our herione loses everything she holds dear to her, including her father and home, within just one day. She discovers that she is cursed and has an immense power, and it forces her to the battlefield. With her sword handy, she attends the competitive and ultra-nationalistic military academy, Nirvana, to become the best warrior that she can be. She might shake the nation up whilst she’s at it, too.

Battlefield Waltz is being published for Nintendo Switch, by Idea Factory, in 2025.

Temirana: The Lucky Princess and the Tragic Knights — 2025

Imagine having your occupation and status decided by the month you were born in? Fifteen years ago, the kingdom of Temirana was introduced to its third princess. She had no birthmark, so of course she was deemed to be cursed. Of course.

She was forced to live away from her family, but as she turns sixteen, she realises that when her life is in danger, people and places around shine as if to warn her. Five men glow on this day, but are they dangerous, or will they help her to become the princess and queen she was born to be?

Temirana: The Lucky Princess and the Tragic Knights is being published for Nintendo Switch, by Idea Factory, in 2025.

NOTE: The below are not yet confirmed for an English release, but I’ve included them here anyway for future reference, and because many Otomate games for Nintendo Switch do tend to make the jump outside of Japan.

KLAP!! Kind Love and Punish — TBC

Yes. This is the whipping Otome game available on Vita, and it’s being given new life on Nintendo Switch. You take on the role of a teacher, trained to guide yokai known as UMA so that they can take residence in the human world. To do this, you whip them. Yep.

tsuiteruhime x tsuitenaikishidan — TBC

Princesses and knights? I’m sold, count me in, say no more.

Hakuoki Shinkai Fandisc — TBC

Similar to Code:Realize — Wintertide Miracles, this is a Hakuoki fandisc with a focus on seasonal events. Pretty great for Hakuoki fans!

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

I’m adding a quick paragraph here to hopefully make this article a little easier on the eyes for those who are scrolling to one section of it. It goes without saying, but these titles below have been officially released now.

Olympia Soiree — OUT NOW

Our protagonist, Olympia, is the last of her clan, and she hopes to perform a ritual that only she can on Tenguu Island in the hopes that she can restore the sun and bring an end to the ever-lasting night. She comes across a shunned group of people, and it might just be one of them that will be her soulmate who can help her in her ritual.

Why am I excited? I’ll be honest, I’m excited because of the setting and the idea of an ever-lasting night needing to be broken, but based on the synopsis of Olympia requiring a partner to have a child with to fulfil this ritual, I am a little more uneasy on this one. I hope that Olympia rises as the strongest character in this game, and that she gets to be her own character outside of the ritual and what it requires.

Olympia Soiree is published on Nintendo Switch by Aksys Games.

Cupid Parasite — OUT NOW

As Cupid Corporation’s top bridal advisor, our protagonist is tasked with getting five people married to earn a promotion. Did I mention that her secret identity is Cupid? Yes, that one, so no wonder she’s great at her job, huh? vBut these five men are going to cause trouble even for the romantic figure, because they’re the devastating Parasite 5!

Why am I excited? Playing as Cupid and struggling to do the thing that she’s best known for, five times over? That sounds like a lot of fun, and it allows for a lot of different personalities to clash and come together. The idea of a Cupid Corporation is a cool one too. I’m excited to see what challenges our protagonist will have to overcome.

Cupid Parasite is published on Nintendo Switch by Idea Factory.

Dairoku: Agents of Sakuratani — OUT NOW

Akitsu Shino is able to see things unique to her including spirits and inhuman creatures, and this leads her to a career at The Occult Action Department, which is a secret government agency. Situated in an office in the otherworldly Sakuratani, Akitsu watches over this supernatural city and ensures that no trouble comes to her home or Sakuratani.

Why am I excited? Otome games excel in bringing different worlds together, even if it’s just wildly different walks of life, and Dairoki ticks the boxes for me in that I love supernatural stuff. I’m excited to see how these personalities will differ, and if there will be much interaction between our world and the world of Sakuratani.

Dairoki: Agents of Sakuratani published on Nintendo Switch by Aksys Games.

The Crimson Flower That Divides: Lunar Coupling — OUT NOW

Women are passing away due to an incurable disease known as “The Rot”, and our heroine, Naala, has been adopted by the royal family of Rus after her mother was kidnapped by another country, Nasla. Many years later, Nasla attacks again, and Naala finds herself kidnapped along with many other women of Rus.

This one sounds a little bleak for my liking, but I’d like to give it a go someday.

The Crimson Flower That Divides: Lunar Coupling is published on Nintendo Switch by HuneX.

Variable Barricade — OUT NOW

Variable Barricade follows Hibari, heiress of a pretigious family, who is being forced to stay in a lush villa with 5 suitors picked out by her grandfather. Pretty scummy of him, right? But Hibari is deadset against it, and dislikes the men because of this from the get go! She wants to scare them all off, but maybe she could ultimately fall in love with one of them?

Why am I excited? I love that Hibari seems to be a strong-willed protagonist who despises the situation she’s put in. Whilst ultimately we know she’ll be able to fall in love with each of the five suitors, I enjoy that she’ll ultimately be able to push back if she wants to. I do hope it doesn’t feel like stockholm syndrome, though.

Variable Barricade is published for Nintendo Switch by Aksys Games.


Including all three episodes and the epilogue, TAISHO x ALICE: ALL IN ONE is coming to Nintendo Switch on 14th April, 2022, and I’m very excited for it! I love fairy tale-themed stories, and the gender-swapping sounds like a fun twist.

TAISHO x ALICE: ALL IN ONE is published for Nintendo Switch by Prototype.


even if TEMPEST is getting a digital only release on Nintendo Switch later this year. It follows our protagonist as they die, but are given a second chance to redo their life by a witch. Unfortunately, being happy isn’t so easy. I’m really excited for this one — I love things a little moody!

even if TEMPEST is published for Nintendo Switch by Voltage.

Birushana: Rising Flower of Genpei — OUT NOW

Birushana Senki follows two clans, Yorimoto and Taira, during the civil war of Genpai, 1180–1185. Many of these characters are inspired by historical figures of that time period, and our protagonist, Shinaou, is the daughter of famous General Minamoto no Yoshitsune. Will she find love with a member of one of these two warring clans? Who could say!

Why am I excited? I never clicked with Hakuoki too much, but having another similiarly themed Otome to jump into, that isn’t connected with that series, is exciting as I do not dislike the setting. Our protaognist looks like she’s going to be super cool and independent too, and I’m excited to see her hold her own in both love and war.

Birushana Senki is published for Nintendo Switch, by Idea Factory.

Piofiore -Episodio 1926 — OUT NOW

Did you enjoy Piofiore when it released last year? Good news for you, because you’ll be returning to Italy in -Episodio 1926- which acts as a sequel! If you haven’t played Piofiore, then there’s no better time to jump in.

Piofiore -Episodio 1926- is published for Nintendo Switch, by Aksys Games.

Lover Pretend — OUT NOW

Aspiring scriptwriter Chiyuki wants two things — to be a successful scriptwriter, and to find the father who abandoned her. When she lands a job as an assistant to a scriptwriter, she soon finds herself cast as the main love interest, acting opposite the songs of drama staff! Will she still be able to realise her dreams? We hope so!

LoverPretend is published for Nintendo Switch, by Aksys Games.

Paradigm Paradox — OUT NOW

Mankind is split across a number of colonies which are under threat by “Vermin”, who are fought against by “Heroes”. Bored of her day to day life, she sneaks out of her dormitory and has to be saved by a group of Heroes, and decides to become one herself. Leading her to explore the other colonies too, our protagonist hopes to protect others from Vermin, and to find out who the Vermin really are.

Paradigm Paradox is published for Nintendo Switch, by Aksys Games.

Norn9: Var Commons and Norn9: Last EraOUT NOW

The Vita-classic Norn9: Var Commons is coming to Switch, which begs the question… what about Period Cube, huh? That aside, it’s great to see Norn9 come to Nintendo Switch, along with its fandisc, Last Era, for the first time! This fandisc follows the events of the main game. I’d love to give this one another go, so count me in.

Norn9: Var Commons and Norn9: Last Era are published for Nintendo Switch, by Aksys Games.

Amnesia: Memories and Amnesia: Later x Crowd — OUT NOW

Many of you will be familiar with Amnesia already, but it’s great to see it coming to Nintendo Switch, along with its fandiscs available in English for the first time! Did you know it has rock, paper, scissors and air hockey mini-games too? I’m in. I was actually a bit hmm on this one when I played it on PlayStation Vita, so I’m looking forward to giving it another go.

Amnesia: Memories and Amnesia: Later x Crowd is published for Nintendo Switch, by Idea Factory.

Dormitory Love — OUT NOW

This one was suddenly announced and almost dropped right on our heads with a release date just a little over a week later! Dormitory Love follows six international students with you acting as their dorm manager. With six love interests from varying backgrounds, I’m already wonder who I’ll go for…

Love Dormitory is published for Nintendo Switch, by PLiCy.

Winter’s Wish: Spirits of Edo — OUT NOW

Set in the Kyoho era which sees monsters ravaging towns, including Edo, a girl, who is misunderstood by others, is exiled after being able to see when an incident is about to happen. Alone in the snowy mountains, a young man named Oniwaban appears before her, and she find herself entangled in a story where she might find true love!

Winter’s Wish: Spirit of Edo is published for Nintendo Switch by Aksys Games.

Jack Jeanne — OUT NOW

Ah, finally. Jack Jeanne is an opera-themed Otome game, with scenarios and illustrations by Sui Ishida of Tokyo Ghoul fame, and it’s one I’ve wanted localised since it released a year ago in Japan. Not a bad turnaround, is it?

Jack Jeanne is published for Nintendo Switch by Aksys Games.

Radiant Tale — OUT NOW

Radiant Tale is one of the Otome games I’m most excited for, particularly because I love how colourful it is, and that it’s circus-themed! Not often you see a game like that. Can Tifalia, who wishes for an eventful life, get what she wants when she joins this misfit band that calls themselves CIRCUS? It’s already out in Japan, but I’m dodging spoilers until 2023!

Radiant Tale is published for Nintendo Switch, by Aksys Games.

Charade Maniacs — OUT NOW

For a while, discussion about Charade Maniacs might be accompanied by discussion about the live-stream that announced it, but it’s very exciting in any capacity to see this one coming West. Our protagonist, Hiyori Sena, is taken to another world with her childhood friends and nine others. As they learn more about their predicament, they also learn another troubling fact — there’s a traitor among them, sabotating their attempts to get home. Ooooh — this one sounds very good.

Charade Maniacs is published for Nintendo Switch, by Idea Factory.


The long awaited fandisc to ALICE x TAISHO is finally here, including sweet afterstories with each suitor, and some side-character routes. There’s even a school AU story with the entire cast, which is pretty dang cool.

even if TEMPEST: Dawning Connections — OUT NOW

My slow ass still needs to play even if TEMPEST, but here we are already with a fandisc coming our way. Worldwide too! Fans won’t have to wait too long to get their hands on this one.

even if TEMPEST: Dawning Connections is published for Nintendo Switch, by Voltage.

Hana Awase New Moon — OUT NOW

Hana Awase New Moon will be releasing in four volumes, all currently due to release this year, which can be bought in a bundle or separately. Mikoto, our protagonist, has a deep fascination of card games, and Kasen is one that utilises Hanafuda cards. She joins an academy which nurtures players of the game, with the five potential love interests each vying to be the best — in both Kasen and love!

Hana Awase New Moon is published for Nintendo Switch, by Dramatic Create.


This one has quite the bloody reputation, which isn’t something you often hear about in localised Otome games. I’m not super familiar with this one, but I’m excited to see for myself what all the fuss is about. The citizens of Arpecheur arecursed to die by the time they reach 23, but everything changes when the “watchman of death” appears before Ceres, a troubled woman whose very existence seems to run the clock of those she meets just that much faster.

VIRCHE EVERMORE -ERROR: SALVATION is published for Nintendo Switch, by Aksys Games.

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!: Pirates of the Disturbance — OUT NOW

I know fans have been waiting for this one, including myself! I’ve also been waiting for a Blu-ray release of the anime, but c’est la vie, anime publishers are leaving good money on the table by not bringing this banger over.

Catarina Claes has been reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome game, where she managed to avoid her death or exile against all odds. This game follows her, along with her adopted brother Keith and her friends, as they board a luxury liner for its maiden voyage. But then, they’re attacked by pirates, and it’s up to Catarina to dodge death once again.

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!
– Pirates of the Disturbance —
is published for Nintendo Switch, by Idea Factory.

Yukar from the Abyss — OUT NOW

Did you know there’s another world outside of the one we know? That’s right, Kamuy Mosir, the world of the animal Gods, is out there, and you may have seen some of these Gods disguised as animals when they visit the human world. That black cat you thought was an unlucky sign? Maybe it’s just a mischievous God. Same with that Bull that perhaps brought you good luck.

Our protagonist, in a time where most people have forgotten or do not believe in Gods, encounters one and… what, she’s dead?! She’ll have to fight her way out of the underworld by participating in difficult trials, and perhaps even fall in love along the way. As you do, of course.

Yukar from the Abyss is published for Nintendo Switch, by LocaGames.

Oops, I Said Yes?! — OUT NOW

Don’t you just hate it when you agree to marry someone when you’re drunk? Me too. Happens all the time. This is actually a compilation of sorts based on the mobile app Love 365: Find Your Story, containing stories up to season 2, and put onto Switch. I’m not very familiar with it, but might give it a go now it’s on a platform I’d rather play on.

Oops, I Said Yes?! is published for Nintendo Switch, by Voltage.

Sympathy Kiss — OUT NOW

Sympathy Kiss is finally COMING! Sympathy Kiss is a brand new Otome title which is being aimed at a slightly older market, which I’m very excited about. It follows Akari in her relatively new job at Estario, who specialise in the creation mobile apps. She’s given the opportunity to join a new team, which manages the company’s namesake app, Estarci, as it’s falling behind against competing apps and so the team is given one last chance to rescue it and their team, or have the app go obsolete.

Of course, this is spiced with love and drama, with Akari needing to save her job, and perhaps find the love of her life.

Sympathy Kiss is published for Nintendo Switch, by Idea Factory.

Tengoku Struggle -Strayside — OUT NOW

The living and the dead come together in this comedy fantasy, brought to you by the same team as Olympia Soiree. Sinners are put to battle and Rin Enma, adopted daughter of the king of the underworld, sets out searching for escaped sinners. The men who join her, former sinners themselves, are of course among the suitors in this game.

Tengoku Struggle — Strayside — is published for Nintendo Switch, by Aksys Games.

Cupid Parasite: Sweet & Spicy Darling — OUT NOW

It’s official! Cupid Parasite is getting a fandisc, which means spending a lot more time with the Parasite 5! This will explore the newlywed married life with each love interest.

Cupid Parasite: Sweet & Spicy Darling is out now for Nintendo Switch, by Idea Factory.

Radiant Tale Fanfare — OUT NOW

If you’re a fan of Radiant Tale, then this one’s for you. More stories set after each love interest’s routes, as well as a couple of new routes with side characters, Fanfare will let players jump back into the circus world of Radiant Tale for a victory lap.

Radiant Tale Fanfare is published for Nintendo Switch, by Aksys Games.

Don’t worry, I get it, I’m wildly excited for all of these too! Hopefully next time you check, there will be even more Otome localised for the West!



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