Hooooo… WHO?! I don’t enjoy waking my friend Blathers from his deep slumber, but it has to be done for the sake of the museum. Maybe one day he will have another colleague to spare him of his 24/7 working life, but for now, he’s handling all of the wildlife, fossils and art that I give him. Yes, the museum truly is my favourite part of Animal Crossing: New Horizons — and more than that, it provides a nice sense of normalcy, considering we can’t visit museums (or, you know, anything else) for the foreseeable future due to lockdown.

So far, I haven’t done much with my island at all since I started playing on launch day, and I’ve basically only done enough to get K.K. Slider to visit each Saturday. I am looking into doing something with it, but I want to plan it out and ensure that I have the right items before I begin, considering it’s a costly business! I have spent a heck of a lot of time on my house, but that’s a story for another day — and a whole lot of A and S ranks each weekend. cool emoji.

However, what I have been doing is collecting. I love collecting, so being able to find all of the wildlife, fossils and art, and then to donate it to the museum where Blathers will arrange everything, is bliss to me. I don’t have to worry about the layouts, what looks nice next to what, or if I’ll want to change it sometime down the line — those choices are thankfully made by the game, which has led to me loving being Blather’s best buddy. Gosh, I dread to think what some of those fossil exhibits would look like if they were left to me!

The museum has also provided the best experience for when I’m visiting friends, or when I have them over to my island. It’s a great spot for group photos, and it’s fun to see who has what, and help each other with what they’re missing. The aquarium has to be my favourite part of the museum — my friends and I have definitely been making the most of it, as you can see below! We enjoy going to museums when we’re able to in the real world, so being able to in Animal Crossing has been delightful, and something I’m thankful for — the spiders make me feel just as uncomfortable, though…

With each month, and each season, we get to see new wildlife. There’s one fish that I’m missing at the moment, the elusive Blue Marlin, but at least it returns in July. With the ever-changing wildlife and the ever-growing museum, there’s always something to return to.

Of course, with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, that’s only scratching the surface. There’s so much to do, and so much I want to do but haven’t quite gotten around to just yet, but the game has me hooked and I can’t see myself putting it down anytime soon — I haven’t missed my daily Nook Miles bonus yet!

With the mention of Brewster by some villagers in New Horizons, and the inclusion of Redd and the art gallery, it seems that we might see a return of the coffee bean fiend and his shop, The Roost. I’m really excited at the prospect, so I hope we see something from Brewster soon! I want to get my brew on!

What’s your favourite part of Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

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