Dead By Daylight Crossovers I Want to See

Mitchell Lineham
4 min readMay 26, 2023


I’m not going to add Stranger Things because we’ve had it, and are unlikely to see it again, but also because I just don’t really care about it. You know what I do care about? The Evil Dead. But this isn’t a “who I want to see guest star in Mortal Kombat” article, because unfortunately that is also a distant hope.

But the Winnie the Pooh character from the horror Winnie the Pooh movie? Nah, I mean, you’re good to keep that one out, too.

So, uh, who do I want?

Alien — Ellen Ripley & Xenomorph

I mean, how could I not include this one? Two of the most iconic horror characters, two who’ve persisted for decades, and now we have a map set in space? I’m just itching for it. They’re both in Fortnite so fingers crossed.

Mortal Kombat — Sonya & Kano

You know, I’d not knock a DBD character in Mortal Kombat, either. Sonya and Kano have had a great rivalry for decades now, and it’s been a constant throughout Mortal Kombat media. That said, Kano tends to get his shit wrecked whenever he goes up against Sonya, and it’s quite clear he’d be in the Killer role here. But still, I’d love to see this happen.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — April & Casey & Shredder

I can’t see us getting a giant humanoid turtle anytime soon, but Shredder chasing after April and Casey? Oh yes, baby. Give me a news reporter intro cinematic and we’re home free.

Star Wars — Anakin & Darth Vader

You know how people say Anakin and Darth Vader are two different characters? I’m not sure I buy that so much, but I understand the sentiment and think that “Darth Vader is the one who killed Anakin Skywalker” would make them a great survivor and killer combo with lots of room to play around.

Scooby Doo — Shaggy & Velma (Survivors Only)

Zoinks! Jinkees! Let’s do what we do best, Scoob, and teabag the killer! I think these two would be fun, and they’ve featured in a lot of mature media to draw inspiration from. Even in recent animations you can see Shaggy get the hand up on Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion in the Warner Bros. intros.

DC — Joker & Jason Todd

Joker could easily fit into the realm of DBD and become one of the Entity’s favourites, and he has countless media (and a Mortal Kombat 11 depiction) to draw from. Bruce Wayne might be the more usual answer for a survivor, but I like the idea of Jason Todd when he was still Robin, given the events of Under the Red Hood.

Evil Dead Rise — Beth & Ellie

We can all be with the maggots now if Ellie were to join. Beth is a fantastic protagonist with plenty to draw from, despite Rise being such a short movie, and Ellie is instantly a horror icon. It’s unlikely we’ll see more Ash outside of the Ash vs Evil Dead series, so this would be the next best thing to represent the series. It also respects Bruce Campbell’s decision to be a bit more protective of the Ash Williams character.

Until Dawn — Sam & Wendigo

Developer Behaviour are teaming up with Supermassive Games on a story-driven DBD adventure, which I’m hugely excited for, so why not have a crossover too? Until Dawn is arguably their most well-known game, so having Hayden Panettiere’s Sam return, either as a survivor-only release or with one of the Wendigo’s, would be awesome.

M3GAN (Killer Only)

Look, I just want to see M3GAN have a goofy walk like Skull Merchant but it also not look dumb as shit. She’s also far taller than Chucky, who I’d also love, and so would make more sense, especially with a sequel in the works. Give her a dance and a powerhose for her Mori and she’s good to go.

This isn’t a super long one as I wrote it to have some fun, and because I really just wanted to write something, and I’m a big Dead By Daylight fan so this made sense. I don’t really expect any of these to come to fruition, outside of maybe Alien, Scooby Doo and M3GAN. I almost didn’t include Star Wars at all as I have zero expectations that it could happen, but I love the idea.



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